Powerful features made really simple


Scans your website for vulnerabilities

The Hackavoid Security Scanner runs through your entire website and scans the code for security vulnerabilities. The scanner is programmed to test many different methods of website hacking without causing any harm. If a certain hacking method is possible on your website, we will inform you and give you all the information you need to plug the security hole.


Keeps your server and platform secure

The scanner does not only scan all the pages on your website, it also scans the server hosting the website as well as the platform it runs on. Hackavoid also scans for misconfigurations that may pose security threats.


Run it once or schedule your scans

Security scanning should not be a manual or one-off special event. It should be something that is automated and recurring. With a Hackavoid plan you can set up a custom schedule and decide when to perform a scan. Or if you just want to run that manual scan it is only a mouse click away.


Intelligent and up to date analysis

Hackavoid doesn't rely on known threats in a database like conventional security software, but scans and interprets the HTML code intelligently. This scanner will even find "zero day vulnerabilities", errors that were unknown before scanning. See the list of vulnerabilities we scan for.


Scan behind login

Is your website running behind a login? No problem. Supply a username and password and we will log in as that user.


Unlimited full scans

Run as many scans as you like. Really. No restrictions. Go crazy.


Check user isolation

Hackavoid checks that users cannot access restricted information on your website.