About Hackavoid Security Scanner

Hackavoid is a web application security scanner. It is running as a service, which means there is no software to download and install, or licenses to buy. The scanner is thorough yet very simple to use, and the security report it generates is easy to understand while still containing all the information your developer needs to fix any problems.

The Scanner

Why managers love it

Managers will benefit from the comfort it brings to know that you have taken action to see that your website is secure. For $9 a month there is really no excuse not to scan your site. Automated security scans put a focus on security and quality, which are two main ingredients in a secure and stable web application.

Why developers love it

Web security is such a highly specialised field, and no developer can be an expert of both security and regular web development. Good web developers have knowledge and experience in building secure web applications, but the range of attack vectors is so large that a vulnerability is bound to be left open. This is why automated, broad security scans are valuable.

Web developers are going to love

  • Being able to confirm that what they have built is secure
  • Knowing that they will be alerted of new vulnerabilities

What we scan for

Here's the list of vulnerabilities we scan for.


Hackavoid is a product of Klean Security ApS. Please see the contact information below.

Klean Security ApS
Vestergade 3B
8000 Aarhus C
CVR: 34 60 32 35

Email: support@hackavoid.com
Phone: +45 70 20 27 97